past champions

Every horse we’ve ever owned is a champion to us, whether it ever saw the inside of a show ring or was a beloved family pet. Here are the horses that captured our hearts and helped bring Sarde Morgans to where and what it is today.

Austin Gentry with Roxanne(Courage of Equinox x Windrush High Hope)
1982 Morgan Gelding ~ Austin took me on many memorable victory passes in both harness and saddle
Austin Gentry with Cheryl

Sarde's Manistique
(Man About Town LPS x Lady Hot Topic)
2000 Morgan Gelding
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Doubletree's In Command(Plainview’s Commander x Besue Doubletrees)
1972 Saddlebred Gelding ~ Roxanne and this talented ASB gelding were a competitive team in the jr. exhibitor three-gaited division.
LJD Galileo with Roxanne(Windcrest Music Man x Michland Sebewaing)
1981 Morgan Gelding ~ From 1987 to 1993, Galileo was a force for Cheryl and Roxanne in first the park division, then as a speedy winner in the roadster division. What a grand horse!
LJD Galileo

Sarde's Royal Legacy(Austin Gentry x Leedarling Legacy)
1989 ~ 2017
Morgan Gelding ~ A son of one of our favorite show horses, Austin Gentry, we bred and owned Royal Legacy for the first four years of his life, winning his first class at the New England Regional for us as a three year old in the Futurity Park Harness. He went on to win in the Pleasure division and was loved and enjoyed by Marie Frank and family in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan until he finally headed over the Rainbow Bridge at 28 years old.Sarde's Royal Legacy

Quail Run Warlord(Ru Lee War Lord x Bald Mt Fantasia)
1982 Morgan Gelding
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Shaker's Pedro(Shaker’s Inrigue x Shaker Kachina)
1986 Morgan Gelding
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Crinoline's Regal Flaire(HVK Courageous Flaire x Crinolines Irishmist)
1993 Morgan Gelding ~ The first foal of this great World Champion, we owned this wonderful gelding from 1996 to 2000, capturing many great wins in the pleasure driving division with trainer Rick Stevens as well as Roxanne on the lines for the ladies classes.

Sarde's Up In Smoke(HVK Courageous Flaire x Lady Hot Topic)
1999 Morgan Gelding ~ Our third wonderful offspring of Heidi Kunkle’s endearing World Champion, Smoke has been a champion in harness and under saddle.

Sarde's Up In Smoke

Paramount Osohigh(Paramount Ambassador x Osogay)
1974 Morgan Gelding ~ From 1978 to 1989, our whole family enjoyed showing this wonderful gelding, who was a full brother to such notables as Paramount’s Gay Lass, Paramount’s Insignia and Paramount’s Likeness. She is pictured above with my mother, Joan Rose Sardelli, below my sister Cheryl, and below that with me.

Paramount OsohighParamount Osohigh

Quail Run Buckaroo(The Buckeye x Paramount’s Jubilee)
1981 Morgan Gelding ~ A wonderful horse that was enjoyed by my sister in both harness and saddle, winning tricolors at some of the biggest and toughest shows in New England.

Quail Run Buckaroo

Quail Run Buckaroo

Ponderosa's Bleu (Dixie’s Moroash x Lady Quietude)
1973 Morgan Gelding ~ Our first park horse, and a great one! Cheryl and I both enjoyed showing this game gelding and accumulated many tricolors in the Amateur Park Saddle division. Ponderosa's Bleu
CyDon's Mr Super (Anbils First Arrival x MI Footnote)
1992 Morgan Gelding ~ All show horse, all the time! Mr. Super took us to a Reserve World Champion Ladies Pleasure Driving Gelding title during our two seasons together. He was sold to Dan Kelley just before the New England Regional, and Dan and Mr. Super went on to win Reserve Grand National Champion Amateur Pleasure Driving Gelding in OKC that year. CyDon's Mr Super
DegasanDegasan was Cheryl’s outstanding Anglo Arabian Gelding, a solid show horse for a young horse crazy girl.

Sarde's SinfulSARDE’S SINFUL (HVK Courageous Flaire x Stonecroft Shalimar)
2001 Morgan Gelding ~ One of Shalimar’s first foals, this talented gelding started out winning at the Grand National as a two year old and is still winning today with Victoria Walz, who adores him. To see and truly appreciate this talented gelding, visit his page here on Sarde Morgans!

Pojac Merlin MythRegistered Welsh Mare ~ Roxanne’s first show pony, this versatile mare provided many hours of companionship and blue ribbons for a young girl. She is forerver immortalized in Margaret Cabell Self’s “Horses in Pictures”, a popular book for several decades.

Lady Hot Topic(Tedwin Topic x Fiddler’s Show Girl)
1988 Morgan Mare ~ Lady was first a grand show horse for us, winning many World and Grand National titles, then she became the fountainhead of our breeding program. Click on her photo to read more about her and to see photos of her produce!